A unique Responsible Team defined according to customer needs is the solution for the customer development and quality assurance needs when continuous development or a whole project team is needed for a development or quality assurance project. The customer is given the help of a professional expert to map their individual needs. The Responsible Team is formed either in ClustersUnited’s or in the customer’s premises. For the customer a Responsible Team is a safe, easy and flexible solution for demanding development and testing projects.
In process like working the Responsible Team answers for the continuous or repeated performance of a defined development or quality assurance phase. The process is analyzed and measured constantly, on the basis of which the functions are developed to match the customer’s business needs.
A ClustersUnited Responsible Project can also be linked with a Responsible Team working in a process like manner, in which case the experts of the Responsible Team will act as links between the customer and the ClustersUnited Responsible Project. In the project work the Responsible Team will have complete responsibility over certain project phases, the entire project or the technology area. ClustersUnited will be responsible for the guidance and resourcing of the team. The ClustersUnited Responsible Team is the solution for the customer’s development and quality assurance needs when continuous development of the customer operations and flexibility for a varying work load are needed.

Our Responsible Teams are Dedicate to Customer Requirements and Accountable to their Commitments. we communicate continuously and walk the talk. Our Teams provide solutions to your Business Requirements. High performance teams Available for your highly valued Systems.